Magnolia is a business partner that offers its customers skills, resources and relationships.

Founded in 2016, in Lugano, by Fabio and Dalila Dossena, today it is an international group consisting of 15 companies operating in disparate sectors: from consultancy to investments, from Green economy to real estate, all the way to the entertainment industry.

Magnolia is based on the adoption of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, a unique and thorough model, by which the company manages the most complex projects and confronts all the challenges dished out by the market.

Fabio Dossena

Founder and Senior Consultant in Lean Management, certified in Black Belt Six Sigma and specialized in Strategic Business

Dr. Dalila Barbanera

Founder and Senior Consultant specialized in Hr management and Operation Productions

Dr. Alessandro Ferrari

Manager in Lean Production, specialized in Business Administration and Strategic Business Plan

Dr. Eleonora Ceni

Manager specialized in Production Operations

Ing. Danilo Scuderi

Manager in Lean production, specialized in Logistic Operations

Dr. Luca Torriani

Marketing Manager, specialized in Corporate Branding

Dr. Andrea Branca

Financial Consultant

Dr. Felice Santodonato

Food & Beverage Consultant

Dr. Debora Fontana

Back-office assistant

Dr. Iñaki Olaizola

Manager in production process planning

The group assists a range of players, helps them define the lines of growth, and plans new opportunities by solving the most urgent challenges. It does so by resorting to adequate business plans and a careful value stream map (vsm) aimed at identifying any waste in production processes in the Lean manufacturing programme.

Magnolia supports customers needing to optimise internal processes, helping them manage business risks, implement company restructuring actions, and find the necessary resources for a correct development, supporting all those companies in search of deep changes.

Despite the different contexts and the varied projects, sharing the practical tools and the ethical principles used by Magnolia are aimed at respect, correctness and transparency.


Magnolia bases its action on the integrated methodology of the Lean Six Sigma programme. The Lean programme is focused on getting rid of the waste in all those activities that do not represent a value, thereby obtaining an immediate effect on the Ebitda (Earnings Before Interests Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) indicator.
The Six Sigma programme focuses on data and on variables to arrive at streamlined and effective processes, and denotes a quality management programme based on statistical waste, in order to obtain the quality of a product or a service.

The integration of these two models allows the identification of the correct tools to tackle critical aspects and lend stability to the new reorganisation process, directly intervening on the company dynamics that might block results. The key factor for attaining the benefits of this approach is the inclusion of solidly trained profiles. The Magnolia team consists in fact of professionals holding the universally recognised or Black Belt™ certification.

The strength of the SIX Sigma method lies in the capacity to provide objective measurements.

The system approach envisages five different steps: identification of the problems, measurement of the problems, analysis and reduction of the problems, active application of corrective measures, monitoring and standardisation of corrective applications.

The Lean Six Sigma training – internationally recognised and sought after – significantly enhances and consolidates analytical and problem solving skills, considerably improving leadership abilities and business understanding.

Magnolia, made up of entrepreneurs, is capable of assisting other entrepreneurs by resorting to a common language, aimed at transmitting a precise method of managing processes and company resources.

A training of this type enables application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology in an extremely versatile manner and its use in any type of business, none excluded.