Magnolia Group was officially founded in 2016 and invests in 15 different companies operating in the consulting, investment, events, publishing, green, real estate, food and entertainment sectors.

It is an international holding that operates mainly in 3 countries: Italy, Switzerland and Hungary.


Deca Italia is the Magnolia Group’s subsidiary company that deals with the design, construction and installation of packaging machines in the medical, cosmetics and food sectors.

It distinguishes itself from its competitors by its ability to realise custom-made projects, aimed at decreasing the customer’s lead time in the product packaging phase, by means of automated, innovative and high-precision processes.


Bubble’s Italia is the continuation of the Magnolia Group’s four-year sponsorship experience for the Bottiglie Aperte event.

The investment in the wine events sector continues by reinterpreting the new scenario outlined by the pandemic with one of the most exclusive magazines in the Italian sparkling wine scene, created by the writer and publisher.


EnPlus Italia is the affiliated company of the Magnolia Group that deals with the design, construction and installation of cogenerators and trigenerators.

It stands out from the competition for its ability to carry out custom made projects that aim to maximize the efficiency of corporate energy plans in a sector where standardization is instead the fundamental prerequisite.



Gedeone is the real estate company of the Magnolia Group that deals exclusively with the purchase and leasing of industrial properties, interpreting the classic concept of property.

This activity is pointed at companies aiming at the implementation and development of the industrial process.


The Italian company Magnolia F&D and Sons of the Magnolia Group has been included in the list of Local Business Partners of the Partner 24 Ore network, an exclusive network of professionals certified in knowledge and skills by the editorial staff of Il Sole 24 Ore.