Magnolia offers services in three different macro areas: consultancy, sales, special projects and Start-ups.

Magnolia guarantees a consultancy based on the Lean Six Sigma metodology, the model by which the Group intervenes in the global management of the company with the aim of developing, optimising and reorganising.

The consultancy touches all the potentially critical aspects: from construction of the industrial plan to commercial, administrative and financial reorganisation, via the management of working capital, the organisation of human resources, up to the restructuring of operational, marketing and communication activities.

Consultancy takes place according to defined and measurable stages: the final goal is the extraction of value.

Magnolia Sales Project:

  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Opening national and international markets
  • Construction of sales networks
  • Sales
  • Foreign commercial back office

Magnolia Action Plan Project:

  • Construction and drafting of the business plan
  • Support in the implementation of the plan and in the management of the company’s organizational processes
  • Monitoring and control
  • Business plan certification

Magnolia Finance Project:

  • Financial Strategy
  • Financial organization and planning
  • Bank debt research and existing relationship management
  • Reporting systems
  • Research of calls for tenders and management/obtaining of contributions
  • Administrative back office

Magnolia Gemba Project (production):

  • Analysis and identification of critical issues
  • Measurement
  • Data analysis and identification of solutions
  • Implementation of improvements
  • Monitoring of results

Magnolia Human Resources Project:

  • Analysis of organizational processes
  • Potential measurement
  • Competence matrix
  • Contract structure and performance KPIs
  • Management training
  • Relations with trade unions
  • Search and selection of top and middle management


The interest of the Magnolia Group is devoted to intermediation and sales services.

In this context, our main task is to look around for persons interested in the purchase, selected pursuant to the network of personal ties gained over time and a deep knowledge of markets. The activity involves the management of all aspects related to the sale, from negotiation to contractual consultancy.

The goal is the final sale, achieved through a careful and polished analysis of advantages, always operating in the common interest of seller and buyer.


One of the areas Magnolia focus on the most is represented by special projects and Start-ups.

The task of the Group is to activate the financial, commercial and operational strategies capable of translating them into reality, searching for synergies and opportunities of concrete development.

The activity proceeds along two complementary directions: on the one hand, it is aimed at defining a solid feasibility plan, and on the other hand, it is dedicated to Fund Raising actions and the search for industrial and financial partners to support industrialisation by.

The final goal is to transform an idea into a real product.