Fabio Dossena talks about Magnolia on Bubble’s 10
A magical tree under which Consulting and Work speak and become development for companies.

When you are born into a family of entrepreneurs and have an important work and training experience in entrepreneurship, it means that the wind blows you inside.
Lashings that stimulate you to look in the mirror, to go further, to measure yourself with others, to always see what is around the corner, to try to change the existing and maybe even the future you seemed destined for. That wind that makes you restless, for me it is pure adrenaline, it is a challenge, it is the life I have chosen to live and it gives me the courage to measure myself against others, making myself available to share everything that is in my knowledge. I believe that this vision is not reached only thanks to technical knowledge, but as a result of the merits won on the fields by the numerous battles fought. Real wars – each of which had different objectives – which, in order to be won, required the use of different strategies: first by linking words such as consulting, marketing, management, and then discovering that they have value only if you combine them with other words such as competence, coherence, clarity, transparency and example.
They all have a single common denominator: know-how … That’s why, when I promote the Magnolia team to companies, I don’t just offer pure System Production consultancy, but instead propose entrepreneurial support to other entrepreneurs to transfer them a method of managing their processes and resources that in our companies – mine and those of my wife Dalila, my partner, colleague and life partner – have already been successful. Precisely this practicality is what ultimately differentiates us from the competition, making us unique. To operate, we have taken three well-defined paths. The original was to guarantee our customers that what we offer them is based on the 6 Sigma methodology, applied by the undersigned Black Belt certificate at Alfa Laval in Sweden.
The second was to create a group of young graduates that we continue to build by making them participate, in the master in Lean Management and then in the Black Belt certification, in order to make them grow professionally and introduce them into the world of work prepared. The third path instead led us to create a small holding company that acquired consulting branches that we did not have, effectively enriching the offer of services on the market.
The investment we are making in Bubble’s also has this goal, allowing us to enhance the specific skills in communication and media that we have acquired over time. I do not know if there are structured consulting firms like ours, where entrepreneurs help other entrepreneurs, where there are companies that, put together, competently cover all the roles to satisfy the drafting of a business plan for a company. We are now moving from small projects to national ones, while continuing to maintain dimensions that allow us to put people at the center of our work. To face the challenges, you need an idea of a system, precise objectives; it is necessary to invest and not speculate while sometimes running the risk of looking to the future, coloring it with optimism.


This is an unwritten recipe. 

Mutable in the order of priorities indicated above, but which provides a solution for each problem and knows how to dissolve fears where they arise. 

The lack of fear is directly proportional to the ability to know how to frame situations and find solutions, focusing on intuition, method, machines and men, the fundamental cornerstones of our actions. 

The method is strengthened with the tools that are used, the tools, which however can do nothing if, by assumption, value is not given to the menpower that knows how to use

 them. All of this ultimately focuses on that “know-how” I was talking about before, on knowing how to produce value for those who come to us.

Without turning too much around the words, however, I strongly believe that the assumption around which everything revolves is the idea you have of life and how you want to live it. This is the most difficult task of our consultancy: to understand how that specific entrepreneur with whom we collaborate, has decided to live life, giving a change to it and to his company.